The Best Of Sade (Epic ’94) Rating: A-
If you’re in the mood, look no further. And if Sade can’t get you going, then it simply wasn’t meant to be. Wrapping her coolly detached, ultra-sexy voice around loungey, lite jazz songs that exude a sultry soulfulness, Sade creates exemplary mood music. With tasteful accompaniment that never raises the volume or the tempo above a mid-level whisper, shimmering guitars mingle with slithery saxophones and skittering percussion to create the perfect soundtracks for sex. The Best Of Sade generously samples highlights from Diamond Life ("Your Love Is King," "Hang On To Your Love," "Smooth Operator"), Promise ("Jezebel," "The Sweetest Taboo," "Is It A Crime," "Never As Good As The First Time"), Stronger Than Pride ("Love Is Stronger Than Pride," "Paradise," "Nothing Can Come Between Us"), and Love Deluxe (perhaps too generous at 5 songs: "No Ordinary Love," "Like A Tatoo," "Kiss Of Life," "Cherish The Day," "Pearls"), and adds one new song, “Please Send Me Someone To Love,” for an excellent overview of an artist who occupies her own singular niche within the music industry (trends may come and go, but Sade just does her own thing and consistently does it very well). As with all mood music, due to its similar sounding textures and limited scope this collection isn't as effective when listened to outside the proper context (i.e. the bedroom). However, once everything is set, The Best Of Sade can work an undeniably seductive magic for you and that someone special. P.S.: It should be noted, as I failed to do in my review above, that Sade is the name of an actual band led by singer Sade Adu.

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