Quiet Riot

Metal Health (Pasha '82) Rating: B

This is a historically important album because it was the first heavy metal (really hard rock by today's more extreme standards) album to hit the top of the Billboard charts, foreshadowing the explosion in popularity of that genre in the 1980s, with major assistance from MTV. Ultimately, however, Quiet Riot were a minor band who are best remembered for being the career launching pad of legendary Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads, who played on their first two albums but was long gone (literally deceased) by the time this third album was released, and for this album's first two tracks. "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)," also known simply as "Metal Health," is a gloriously dumb, classic sing along headbanging anthem that showed the simple but undeniable strengths of this type of music, and top 5 hit "Cum On Feel The Noize," a cover of a Slade song foisted upon the band by their producer that they didn't even want to do, is notable for its excellent hooky vocals (lead shouter Kevin Dubrow has a big, throaty voice) plus it has a nice guitar solo by Carlos Cavazo. The rest of the album fails to match that classic 1-2 punch, however, though there are some solid follow-up attempts such as "Don't Wanna Let You Go," a mellower, sorta funky and pretty catchy semi-ballad, "Breathless," on which I like the galloping grooves and harmonized guitars even if the chorus is decidedly pedestrian, and the fast chugger "Run For Cover," a solidly singable offering with some more fleet fingered soloing from Cavazo (drummer Frankie Banali and bassist Rudy Sarzo, who would also later join Ozzy as well as many other well-known hard rock acts, round out the lineup). Elsewhere, "Slick Black Cadillac" is a remake of a prior recording (I wonder if that version sucks too), the better but still no great shakes "Love's A Bitch" has mellower verses and a harder mid-tempo chorus, "Battle Axe" is a skippable unaccompanied guitar solo by Cavazo, "Let's Get Crazy" is a lame rewrite of "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)," and "Thunderbird" is a power ballad tribute to Rhoads that has its moments but whose cheese factor is off the charts. Long story short? You can probably download the two great songs here without missing the rest of this album too much, though some of it is at least mildly enjoyable.

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