Van Halen Playlist (52 Songs)

Below are two Van Halen playlists, one with David Lee Roth (excluding the comeback album), the other with Sammy Hagar. I set a 7 song minimum per album (otherwise I might as well just include the whole album!). There are 35 songs for the first Diamond Dave era and 17 songs for "Van Hagar," which would be around a 3-CD compilation which is how I think their record company should've done their "best of" comp's in the first place. Let me know what you think!

David Lee Roth (1978-1984):
Runnin' With The Devil
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
I'm The One
Jamie's Cryin'
Atomic Punk
Feel Your Love Tonight
Dance The Night Away
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Bottoms Up!
Light Up The Sky
Beatiful Girls
And The Cradle Will Rock...
Everybody Wants Some!!
Romeo Delight
In A Simple Rhyme
Mean Street
Sinner's Swing!
Hear About It Later
So This Is Love?
Sunday Afternoon In The Park
One Foot Out The Door
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Dancing In The Street
Little Guitars (intro)
Little Guitars
Drop Dead Legs
Hot For Teacher
I'll Wait
Girl Gone Bad

Van Hagar:
Why Can't This Be Love?
Summer Nights
Best Of Both Worlds
Love Walks In
When It's Love
Cabo Wabo
Feels So Good
Finish What You Started
The Dream Is Over
Right Now
Top Of The World
Don't Tell Me What (Love Can Do)
Humans Being

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