Todd Rundgren Playlist (from 1968-1980, including the Nazz and Utopia, 60 Songs Total)

Open My Eyes
Forget All About It
Broke Down and Busted
Believe In Me
We Gotta Get You A Woman
Devil's Bite
Medley: Baby Let's Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don't Tie My Hands
Long Flowing Robe
Chain Letter
Be Nice To Me
Hope I'm Around
I Saw The Light
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Cold Morning Light
It Takes Two to Tango (This Is for the Girls)
The Night The Carousel Burnt Down
Saving Grace
Black Maria
Couldn't I Just Tell You
Little Red Lights
Dust In The Wind
Hello Its Me
Zen Archer
When the Shit Hits the Fan/Sunset Blvd.
Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
Medley: I'm So Proud / Ooh Baby Baby / La La Means I Love You / Cool Jerk
Is It My Name?
Just One Victory
I Think You Know
A Dream Goes On Forever
The Last Ride
Everybody's Going To Heaven/King Kong Reggae
No. 1 Lowest Common Denomenator
Useless Begging
Izzat Love?
Heavy Metal Kids
Don't You Ever Learn?
Sons Of 1984
Utopia's Theme
Freedom Fighters
Real Man
Love Of the Common Man
The Verb "To Love"
Eternal Love
Love In Action
The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell
The Martyr
Abandon City
Love Is The Answer
All The Children Sing
Can We Still Be Friends
Hurting For You
Too Far Gone
Fade Away
The Road To Utopia
You Make Me Crazy
Set Me Free
The Very Last Time

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