Ronnie James Dio Playlist (1975-1984)

Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow)
Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow)
Tarot Woman (Rainbow)
Stargazer (Rainbow)
Kill The King (Rainbow)
Gates Of Babylon (Rainbow)
Neon Nights (Black Sabbath)
Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath)
Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath)
Die Young (Black Sabbath)
Lonely Is The Word
The Sign Of The Southern Cross (Black Sabbath)
The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath)
Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Black Sabbath)
Stand Up and Shout (Dio)
Holy Diver (Dio)
Don't Talk To Strangers (Dio)
Rainbow In the Dark (Dio)
We Rock (Dio)
The Last In Line (Dio)

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