Michael Bolton

Greatest Hits (Columbia ‘95) Rating: F
Someone please put this man out of his misery - it sounds as if he’s truly suffering. Not nearly as much as I was having to listen to his overbearing, restraint-less desecration of past r&b classics like “When A Man Loves A Woman.” That he won a Grammy Award (and failed to even mention Percy Sledge, the man who wrote and defined the song, in his acceptance speech) for that sorry performance is proof for all-times sake that the Grammy Awards are a joke. The rest of this collection offers similar over the top hysterics (on cover songs and his own original material) for people who enjoy that sort of sentimental drivel. If he could sing I would surely forgive him, but his hysterical caterwaul is truly the stuff of nightmare. In short, this album is as big an indictment against top 40 taste as you'll ever find.

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