October 5, 2017,

Sometime towards the end of October, this website will probably disappear. I may start a new, different website and/or blog at some point; time will tell. Thanks again to those of you who have supported "Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews" over the years, especially those of you with whom I've chatted via email, and again if you were a fan of my writings I encourage you to buy my book The Story Of Rock and Soul Music: Album Reviews and Lists 1960-2016, which I wrote about in my previous announcement here. Even better, if you like it, review it on amazon :)

Also FYI I'm working on a second edition of the book that will hopefully correct some minor mistakes, improve navigation, and add some new reviews/lists. When that is done I plan on focusing on a new book that will be more song-based rather than album-based, which I feel is fitting in this day and age when people tend to play individual songs or playlists rather than complete albums.

Scott Floman

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